Lesson 1


  • Q1. 如何引起他人注意
  • Q2. 如何让对方再讲一遍
  • Q3. 当我谈单词时我谈些什么?
  1. excuse me

借过一下,让一下,也用 Excuse me

  1. handbag n.
  2. pardon

sorry? 也有这个意思

  1. Thank you very(so) much

Thank you very much 是比较正式的说法。
大多数情况下不必说 Thank you very much, Thank you 足够了。
e.g. Thank you, Sir! Thank you! Thank you, man

Grammar & Story

  • Q1. 如何询问某物是某人的
  • Q2. Yes 还能表示"干什么"?
  • Q3. 读英语如何才能不像 Siri?

Excuse me!


Is this your handbag?

This is my handbag. 肯定句
Is this your handbag?

Is this your handbag?
= Your handbag?
= This is your handbag?
= This your handbag?


Is this your handbag?

Yes, it is.

Thank you very much.

Lession 2

Practices & Words

  • Q1 如何才能张嘴就说
  • Q2 如何搭讪 chitchat
  • Q3 如何表达免费
  1. pen

  2. pencil

  3. book

    note + book = notebook 笔记本

  4. watch

  5. coat

    nice coat, man.

    nice hair.

  6. dress 长裙

    I love your dress.

  7. skirt 短裙

  8. shirt


  9. car

  10. house

    on the house = free 表达免费

Books are the leader of human progress.


Lession 3


  • Q1 如何表达拜托了
  • 如何买一张去某地的票
  • 如何用 0 - 9 表达所有数字
  1. umbrella n. 雨伞

  2. please

    please, please, please!!! 拜托了

  3. here

    come here.

    Leo is here.

  4. my

  5. ticket

    one way ticket. 单程票

    return ticket./ round-trip ticket 往返票

    one ticket to Harbin.

    one return ticket to Harbin.

  6. number

    number one/ two

  7. sorry

    I am so sorry. 非常抱歉

  8. sir madam

    Thank you, sir(man)/ma’am.

  9. cloakroom 衣帽间

    cloak + room

    This is my cloakroom.

Land on Mars, a round-trip ticket - half a million dollars.

It can be done.

Elon Musk

Grammar & Story

  • Q1 如何表达这不是我的?
  • Q2 如何表达给你我的外套。
  • Q3 英文的缩写

My coat and my umbrella,


Here is my ticket.

Here is my ___.

take my coat. 给你我的外套。

Here is my number. 给你我的电话号码。

Thank you, sir.

Number five.

Here’s your umbrella and your coat.

Here’s = Here is

This is not my umbrella.



This si my umbrella.


This is not my umbrella.

sorry, sir.

Is this your umbrella?

No, it isn’t.

isn’t = is not

Is this it?

Yes, it is.

Thank you very much.

A house is not a home.


Lession 4

Practices & Words

  • Q1 如何表达它很适合我
  • Q2 如何表达“或者”
  • Q3 如何表达 三人行必有我师
  1. suit 一身衣服,一套衣服

    it suits me. 它非常适合我

    The coat suits you.

  2. school

  3. teacher

  4. son daughter

  5. pen

    Is this my pen or your pen?

    This is not my pen.

    This is your pen

    Is this your pencil or my pencil?

  6. book

  7. watch

    Is this my watch or your watch?

    This is not my watch.

    This is your watch.

  8. coat

  9. dress 连衣裙

  10. skirt 短裙

  11. shirt

  12. car

  13. house

Walking among three people, I find my teacher among them.


Lession 5


  • Q1 如何区分英文的姓与名
  • Q2 入境登记卡
  • Q3 如何表达 “我也是”

David Joseph Beckham 贝克汉姆

姓 Beckham - surname/family name/last name

名 David - first name/given name

Joseph - middle name

  1. Mr. Miss Mrs. Ms.

    Mr. 先生

    Mr. Wang 汪先生

    Mrs. A (已婚)

    Miss A (未婚) Miss Universe 环球小姐

    Ms. A (未知)


    Call me David please.

  2. good morning 早上好

    morning 早上好

  3. new adj. + student n.

    She is a new student.

    She is not a new student.

    Is she a new student?

  4. French. adj. n. 法国人;法国的

    French fries = chips

  5. German adj. n. 德国人;德国的

  6. Nice to meet you.

    • first time. 比较正式

    等效的 How are you?


  7. Japnese adj. n. 日语;日本人

    • sushi 寿司

    They are Japnese.

    Are they Japnese?

  8. Korean adj. n.

    • kimchi 泡菜
  9. Chinese adj. n.

    • fusion food!!!
    • Mandarin 普通话 Cantonese 粤语
  10. too

    I like this coat. me too.

If you’re changing the world, you’re working on important things.
You’re excited to get up in the morning.

Larry Page

Grammar & Story

  • Q1 如何使用 a/an

Good morning.

Good morning, Mr. Blake.

This is Miss Sophie Dupont.

Sophie is a new student. She is French.

Sophie, this is Hans. He is German.

Nice to meet you.


a an + n.


Leo is a teacher.

a + n. (首音标是辅音音标)

an + n. (首音标是元音音标)

a pen

an apple

an umbrella

an egg

an hour

a university

And this is Naoko.

She’s Japanese.

Nice to meet you.

And this is Chang-woo.

He’s Korean.

Nice to meet you.

And this is Luming.

He is Chinese.

Nice to meet you.

And this is Xiaohui.

She’s Chinese, too.

Nice to meet you.

This is every body

A person who nerver made a mistake nerver rtied anything new.

Albert Einstein

Lession 6

Practices & Words

  • Q1 如何询问某件物品的品牌
  1. make brand 品牌

    What brand is this?

  2. Swedish adj. 瑞典的 Sweden n.

    He is Swedish.

    This is Swedish meatball.

  3. English adj. n. England

    UK; Britain

    England; Scotland 苏格兰;Wales 威尔士; Northern Ireland 北爱尔兰

  4. American adj. n. America n.

    US; USA

  5. Italian adj. n. Italy n.

    This is pasta.

The hardest portion of English, I must say it: Idioms.

Flula Borg

Lession 7


  • Q1 如何询问别人从哪里来
  • Q2 如何询问别人工作
  1. am

    I am Guang xin.

    I am a coder.

  2. are

    You are batman.

    Are you Chinese?

  3. is

    He is my teacher.

    Is she your daughter?

    Is it a cat?

  4. nationnality

    What nationnality are you?

    Where are you from?

  5. job

    What’s your job?

    I’m an English teacher.

    What do you do for a living?

  6. keyboard n.

    key + board

    This is my keyboard.

    Is this your keyboard?

  7. operator n.

    He is an operator.

  8. engineer

    She is an engineer.

    I am a software engineer.

The person who knows HOW will always have a job.

The person who knows WHY will always be his boss.

Alanis Morissette

Grammar & Story

  • Q1 特殊疑问句

特殊疑问句 = 特殊疑问词 + 一般疑问句(去掉答案)

  1. 特殊疑问词 - What

My name is Guangxin.

Is your name Guangxin? => 一般疑问句,将一个单词提到句首

What is your name? 特殊疑问词 + 一般疑问句(去掉答案)

Her name is lius.

Is her name lius?

What is her name?

  1. 特殊疑问词 - Where

She is from Italy.

Where is she from?

What nationnality is he?


I am a new student.

My name’s Robert.

Nice to meet you.

My name’s Sophie.

Are you French?

Yes, I am.

Are you French, too?

No, I am not.

What nationnality are you?

I am Italian.

Are you a teacher?

No, I’m not.

What’s your job?

I’m a keyboard operator.

What’s your job?

I’m an engineer.

Our true nationnality is mankind.

H. G. Wells

Lession 8

Practices & Words

  • Q1 他? 她? 他的?她的?


  1. policeman

    What’s his job?

    Is he a policeman or a taxi driver?

    He isn’t a taxi driver.

    He’s a policeman.

  2. taxi driver

    What’s his job?

    Is he a taxi driver or a policeman?

    He isn’t a policeman.

    He is a taxi driver.

  3. policewoman

    What’s her job?

    Is she a policewoman or an air hostess?

    She is not an air hostess.

    She is a policewoman.

  4. air hostess / flight attendant

    What’s her job?

    Is she an air hostess or a policewoman?

    She isn’t a policewoman.

    She’s an air hostess.

  5. postman

  6. milkman

  7. nurse

  8. mechanic 机械师,机械修理员

  9. hairdresser 理发师

I have become a housewife and there is no better job.

Celine Dion

Lession 9

Words & Grammar & Story

  • Q1 How 引导的特殊疑问句?
  • 如何表达“你还好吗”?
  • Nice to see / meet you?
  1. hello, hi

  2. 特殊疑问词 - how

    She is ok.

    Is she ok?

    How is she?

  3. fine

    How are you?

    I am fine. / great / not bad / terrible

    Are you ok?

    I am fine.

  4. today

    How are you doing, today?

    How are you?

  5. well

    How are you?

    Very well.

  6. thanks

  7. goodbye

    see you later. 稍后见


Hello, Helen.

Hi, Steven.

How are you today?

I am very well, thank you.

And you?

I am fine, thanks.

How is Tony?

He is fine, thanks, How’s Emma?

She’s very well, too, Helen.

Goodbye, Helen.

Nice to see you. 看见你很开心(不用于初次见面)

Nice to see you again!

Nice to see you, too.


Yesterday is history,

tomorrow is a mystery,

but today is a gift.

Kung Fu Panda

Lession 10

Practices & Words

  • Q1 如何使用 adj.
  • 如何有趣表达 “你真懒”

adj. + n.

  1. fat

    Is that man fat or thin?

    He is not thin, he is fat.

  2. thin

    Is that woman thin or fat?

    She is not fat, she is thin.

  3. tall

    Is that policeman tall or short?

  4. short

  5. dirty 脏的

    Is that mechanic dirty or clean?

  6. clean

    Is that nurse clean or dirty?

  7. hot

  8. cold

  9. old

  10. young

    Is that air hostess young or old?

  11. busy

    Is that housewife busy or lazy?

  12. lazy

    lazy bones

    You are lazy bones.

    You lazy bones.

    You idiot.

Keep yourself busy if you want to avoid depression.

For me, inactivity is the enemy.

Matt Lucas

Lession 11

Words & Grammar & Story

  • Q1 如何询问某件物品是谁的?
  • Q2 如何表达大概或可能?
  • Q3 如何表达“这是 Guangxin 的笔”
  1. blue adj. + n.

    My keyboard is blue.

  2. perhaps

    Is that your car?

    I don’t know. Perhaps it is.

  3. white

    white coat.

    Her coat is white.

  4. catch v.

  5. Whose - 特殊疑问词

    This is her dress.

    Is this her dress?

    Whose dress is this?

    Whose is this dress? 🟡 不常用

  6. watch

    This is her watch?

    Is this her watch?

    Whose watch is this?

  7. keyboard

    This is his keyboard.

    Is this his keyboard?

    Whost keyboard is this?

  8. ticket

    This is her ticket.

    Is this her ticket?


    Whose ticket is this?


Whose shirt is that?

Is this your shirt, Dave?

No. Sir. It’s not my shirt.

This is my shirt.

My shirt is blue.

Is this shirt Tim’s?

Perhaps it is, sir.

Tim’s shirt’s white.

n. + 's 谁的

This is Tim’s shirt, that is his father’s coat, and this is Steven’s tie.

This is my brother’s old car and that’s my father’s new car.

This is my mother’s umbrella and that’s my sister’s handbag.


Yes, sir?

Is this your shirt?

Yes, sir.

Here you are. Catch!

Thank you, sir.

When a man tells you that he got rich through hard work, ask him:“Whose?”

Don Marquis

Lession 12

Practices & Words

  • Q1 如何自己用单词造句
  1. father mother

    This is his/her mother.

  2. sister brother

    This is her brother.

  3. Blouse 女式衬衫

    This is not my blouse.

    Is this your blouse?

    Whose blouse is this?

  4. tie 领带

    This is a blue tie.

    This is not my tie.

    Is this your tie?

    Whose tie is this?

  5. handbag

Time is the father of truth, its mother is our mind.

Giordano Bruno

Lession 13

Grammar & Words

  • Q1 What color
  • Q2 如何表达我们不一样
  1. colour 英式 color 美式


  2. green

    He is Hulk.

    He is green.

    What color 引导的特殊疑问句

    Her new dress is green.

    Is her new dress green?

    What color is her new dress?

  3. black umbrella

    His new umbrella is black.

    Is his new umbrella black?

  4. Blue blouse

    What color is her new blouse?

  5. White ketboard

    What color is his new keyboard?

  6. come here

  7. upstairs

    come/go upstairs 上楼

  8. downstairs

    come/go downstairs 下楼

  9. smart adj. + n.

    clever 聪明

    He is very smart.

  10. hat n.

    clean hat

    dirty hat

  11. same

    They are the same.

    不要问为什么 same 前面有 the,different 前面没有 the

    就像你不会问为什么是 警犬 而不是 警狗

  12. different

    It is different.

  13. lovely

    so cute.

    This cat is so cute.

    This is my cat.

    Is this your cat?

    Whose is this cat?

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.


Lession 14

Practices & Words

  1. case

    This case is brown.

    This is his case.

    Whose case is this?

  2. carpet n.

    red carpet 红色的地毯;红毯

    This carpet is brown.

    This is her carpet.

    What color is this carpet?

  3. dog

    What color is this dog?

    Whose dog is this?

  4. coat

    This is a brown coat.

    What color is this coat?

    Is is white?

  5. tie

    What color Leo’s tie?

    Is it yellow?

  6. umbrella

  7. car

    What color is Guangxin’s car?

    Is it red?

    No, it is not red, it is blue.

  8. blouse

  9. shirt.

  10. hat

    What color is Steven’s hat?

Imagination is the true magic carpet.

Norman Vincent Peale

Lession 15

Grammar & Words

  • Q1如何识别海关申报通道
  • Q2 如何表达英文 n. 复数
  • Q3 如何学习英语语法
  1. customs 海关

    goods to declare

    nothing to declare

  2. officer office

    What is her job?

    She is a customs officer.

  3. gril boy

    This girl is so cute.

  4. Danish 丹麦人 丹麦的

    Andersen is Danish.

  5. Denmark 丹麦

    Is Andersen from Denmark?

    Where is Andersen from?

  6. Norway 挪威

  7. Norwegian 挪威人

  8. passport 护照

    Here is my passport.

    Is this her passport?

    Whose passport is this?

  9. brown

    His new carpet is brown.

    What color is his new carpet?

  10. tourist n.

    I am new here, too.

    She is a tourist.

    Are you a tourist?

  11. friend

    She is her friend.

    n. 复数

    friend -> friends

    pen -> pens

    This is my pen.

    These are my pens.

    book -> books

    These are my books.

    passport -> passports

    以字母 s, o, x, ch, sh 结尾的单词加 es

    dress -> dresses

    This is my dress.

    These are my dresses.

    tomato -> tomatoes

    These are my tomatoes.

    box -> boxes

    watch -> watches

    dish -> dishes


    两个老师:two teachers

One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.


Lession 16

Practices & Words

  • Q1 如何表达生活不是非黑即白
  • Q2 如何表达“我请客”或者“AA”
  • Q3 如何判断何时用 is are?
  1. Russian adj. n.

    Russia 俄国

  2. Dutch 荷兰人/的

    Holland 荷兰

    Let‘s split.

    Let’s go Dutch. AA制

    It’s on me; My treat.

  3. red

    Her hat is red.

    Is her hat red?

    Whose hat is red?

    What color is her hat?

  4. grey gray

    His tie is grey.

  5. yellow

    His keyboard is yellow.

  6. black white

    Life is not black and white.

  7. orange

    Her umbrella is orange.

  8. these this those that

    This is his box.

    These are his boxes.

    That is his box.

    Those are his boxes.

    My shirt is red.

    Is your shirt red?

    My shirts are red.

    What color are your shirts?

Life is not black and white. It’s a million gray areas, don’t you find?

Ridley Scott

Lession 17

Grammar & Words

  • Q1 名词复数变化规则
  • Q2 名词复数的发音规则
  1. employee

    They are my employees.

  2. hardworking adj.

    He is a hard-working man.

  3. sales rep



    What is her job?

    She is a saleswoman.

  4. man woman

    men women

    Men are from Mars.

    Women are from Venus.

  5. office


    This is my office.

    Is this your office?

    Whose office is this?

  6. assistant

    What is her job.

    She is an office assistant.


    • 以 f 或 fe 结尾的,把 f 或 fe 变成 v 再加 es

    housewife -> housewives

    kinfe -> knives

    • 辅音字母 + y 结尾,变 y 为 i,再加 es

    country countries

    family families

    city cities

    party parties

    baby babies

    • 元音字母 + y 结尾,直接加 s

    day days

    boy boys

    monkey monkeys

When a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.

Prince Philip

Lession 18

Practices & Words

  • Q1 they VS their ?
  1. they 他们 their 他们的

  2. sales reps

    What are their jobs?

    Are they mechanics?

    They are not mechanics.

    They are salse reps.

  3. nurses

    What are their jobs?

    Are they keyboard operators?

    They are not keyboard operators.

    They are nurses.

  4. air hostesses

    What are their jobs?

    Are they policewowen?

    They are not policewowen.

    They are air hostesses.

  5. taxi drivers

    What are their jobs?

    Are they hairdressers?

    They are not hairdressers.

    They are taxi drivers.

  6. teachers

  7. housewives

  8. hairdresers

  9. keyboard operators

I don’t have time for hobbies. At the end of the day, I treat my job as a hobby. It’s something I love doing.

David Beckham

Lession 19

Words & Grammar & Story

  • Q1 如何表达 怎么啦
  • Q2 失去爆破是什么
  1. matter

    What‘s the matter? 怎么啦

    What’s wrong?

  2. children 复数

    child 单数

    These are my children?
    Are these your children?

    Whose children are these?

  3. tired adj.

    I am tired.

  4. thirsty adj.

    She is very thirsty.

  5. mum

  6. sit down

    失去爆破 /t/


  7. right

    I am all right.

    Are you all right?

  8. ice cream

    These ice creams are nice.


What’s the matter, children?

We are tired… and thirsty, Mum.

Sit down here.

Are you all right now?

No, we aren’t.


These’s an ice cream man.

Two ice creams please.

Here you are, children.

Thanks, Mum.

These ice creams are nice.

Are you all right now?

Yes, we are, thank you.

Tired minds don’t plan well. Sleep first, plan later.

Walter Reisch

Lession 20

Practices & Words

  1. big small

    This dog is big.

    Is this dog big?

  2. open

    This shop is open.

  3. shut

  4. light heavy

    Who is heavy? boy or girl?

    The gril is heavy.

  5. long short

    These umbrellas are long.

  6. shoe


    These shoes are nice.

    Whose shose are those?

  7. grandfather


    This is his grandfather.

You are never too old to start learning, and you are never too young to aim high and achieve great things.

Asa Hutchinson

Lession 21

Words & Grammar & Story

  • 如何表达给我一本书
  • I me 区别在哪里
  1. give v.

    give me five.

    give me a hug.

    give sb. sth.

    give me a pen.

    v. 前 用 I (主格) 后用 me (宾格)

    主格 宾格 x 的
    you you your
    I me my
    he him his
    she her her
    it it its

    give me your money. Please!!!

    give him your ticket.

    give me your umbrella. Please!!!

    give her her passport. Please!!!

    give me a hand. -> help me

  2. one 一个

    which one? 哪一个?


Give me a book please, Jane.

Which book?

This one?

No, not that one. The red one.

This one?

Yes, please.

Here you are.

Thank you.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


Lession 22

Practices & Words

  1. empty adj.

  2. full

    This is an empty house.

    This case is full. 这个箱子是满的。

  3. large medium

  4. little

    Give me a medium cup/one.

  5. sharp knife

  6. blunt 钝的

    This is a sharp kinfe.

  7. small big

    Is that a dog? It is so small.

  8. box

    Give me a box please.

    Which one?

    That little one?

    No, not that little one.

    This big one.

  9. glass

    Give me a glass please.

    Which one? That full one?

    No, not that full one. This empty one.

  10. cup

    Give me a cup please.

    Which one? This dirty one?

    No, not this dirty one. That clean one.

  11. bottle. 瓶子

  12. tin 罐头

    Give me a tin please.

    Which one? This new one?

    No, not this new one. That old one.

  13. kinfe

    Give me a knife please.

    Which one? That blunt one?

    No, not that blunt one. This sharp one.

  14. fork

  15. spoon 勺子

Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

Malcolm Forbes.